Have You Ever Ridden A Samba Balloon Ride In A Theme Park Or At A Carnival?

The samba balloon ride is a great attraction for any type of family attraction. The brightly painted spinning baskets and the flashing lights on the large balloons can make the ride the centerpiece of any venue. Each ride has 8 spinning gondolas with balloons and can be ridden by adults and children. This means it great for parents who want to accompany their children on a ride. Many other kids rides are too small to be used by adults, so the fact that adults can also ride the Zamperla Samba Balloon ride is a great unique selling point. The ride is available in both a trailer and stationary version.

The park model can accommodate 24 adults or 32 children. The minimum passenger height is 90cm if the passenger is not accompanied. Theoretically, the ride can accommodate between 480 and 640 passengers per hour, depending on the ratio of adults to children in the line.

The operating mechanisms on the Zamperla balloon ride are fairly basic, but also very thrilling. The balloons and gondolas rotate in a circular motion. Once the ride has reached a set height, it begins tilting, which means passengers get to experience both circular and vertical motion. In order to ensure passenger safety, each gondola has locking doors and seat belts.

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Amusement park samba balloon rides

There are also other companies apart from Zamperla which manufacture similar versions of the ride including Chance Morgan who make a ride that has larger balloons. The balloon race ride can be found in many theme parks around the world including Flamingo Land and The Flambards Experience Helston in the UK, and Mega Parc Quebec City in Canada. Some famous locations with balloon race rides in the US include Great Escape in New York, Six Flags in Agawam, Massachusetts and Santa’s Village Azoosment Park in Illinois.

Many theme park owners add a sound system to all of their rides so that passengers can listen to booming music while they are experiencing each attraction. Balloon Race rides are no different, although the music choice for the kiddies version of these rides is less frantic and more magical than the music played on adult rides.

There are many places where you can buy Samba Balloon Rides online and a trailer version is a great option for traveling carnivals. It is very easy to assemble and transport, which means owners and operators can make a lot of money traveling the country to different carnivals.

For those looking for a ride a bit more daring than the Samba balloon ride, the Samba Tower would be an excellent choice. It features the same eight signature balloon gondolas as Zamperla’s first model, but the addition of a tower means riders can get a great aerial view on an entire venue. The Samba Tower can become a great centerpiece for any family theme park, as it has a high impact despite taking up a small footprint. The Tower is also available in park and trailer versions. What’s more, a six gondola model is also available.